Wicked Campers New Zealand

Grip 2-5 4X4

With 2 awesome rooftop tents (which open & close in minutes!) these 4WD hire vehicles are perfect for families or groups of 5! Near-new 2016-18 Model, reliable and super-easy to drive, there's no better way to see the New Zealand Outback, than in a Wicked 2-5 Berth Off Road 4x4 Camper!

Wicked Van 2

This 2 Berth Authentic Campervan has all the features you need without the bells and whistles so you can spend less on hire transport and accommodation and more on yourself!

Wicked Van 2-3

You only live once yeah? So why not get freaky baby and drive around New Zealand in a 2-3 Berth Authentic campervan that would make even Cheech & Chong cream their chino's...

Aventus 2

Wicked Campers 2-3 Berth Plain Campervans - modern, sexy vans for mature adults who want to be a little bit subtle. Or who want to rob a 7/11 in a vehicle that is not immediately identifiable...

Mystery Machine 2

Wicked Campers 2 Berth No Slogan Campervans - modern, sexy vans for people who like solving mysteries...or like to look like they like to solve mysteries. Or Like to drive campervans.

Cheap Car Hire

Sometimes in life there are moments that truly take your breath away. Like waking up with a hangover and finding a fiver in your pocket. Or stumbling across your flat mates' smurf-themed pornography collection.

And then there's moments like this, when you discover a rental car that costs as little as $14.99 per day...

Bondi Compact 3

Our Mini Camper 3-Sleeper is one of Wicked's most popular campers. It's cheap to run, super-easy to setup and even easier to drive!

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